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I've been improving nails for 24 years in the East Bay. I really enjoy the  artistry of them and feel it's been lost with a lot of discount nail  shops. Clients don't expect the best service anymore but I am here to  offer them what they want. I only use the highest quality products and  your safety is my priority. I continue my education to inform clients on  the latest nail products, and nail trends. Cruelty-free nail products  are available. Nail Salon in Pleasanton,  Nail Salon in Livermore and Nail Salon in Dublin

What is a Gel Polish Manicure?

This  is a dry manicure service which means no soaking in oil or water of any  kind. Soaking a nail expands the nail plate making it swell which interferes with product adhesion.  Cuticles and nails are groomed. This service is not an enhancement! Once you choose from a  collection of colors a base, color and topcoat are applied. Between each  coat your nails are dried in either an LED or UV light. Be aware that  some products require no filing on the top of the nail while other  suggest a an extra fine buffing. 

What type of nail is best for me?

Acrylic nails are the strongest nail enhancement. They need maintenance at about 2-3 weeks depending on the lifestyle of the client. These nails  can be soaked off & removed.  The second strongest is Hard Gel. Some types are soak off removal while others must be filed off. Maintenance is 2-3 weeks. Gel-X are a soft gel extension that last 3-4 weeks. Gel Polish or what I call "Soft" Gel is a step above nail lacquer.  It lasts 10-21 days depending on the health of your natural nails and your lifestyle.

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