Nail Creations by Amanda

Gel Polish Manicure:$40
(includes removal)
Keep your nails on point for 10-21 days. No more waiting for polish to dry. Service includes removal, shaping and cuticle care. Product is cured in an LED lamp. *Removal is always done carefully to prevent damage to the natural nail.

Structure Gel Polish Manicure:$45
Weak nails get a coat of "Structure" adding strength without wearing a fake nail. It is applied over a base and is removed at every appointment.

IBX Treatment: $8-$12
IBX is a new nail strengthening treatment that works like nothing else on the market so far. It sinks into tiny gaps in the nail, then cures to form a tough network that strengthens within the nail. Creates a protective sheild for the nail. Reduces white spots, peeling, bonds ridges and toughens the nail plate. Includes a Gel-Manicure.

Basic Manicure: $25
Soak, cuticle care, and your choice of nail lacquer.

Full Set Acrylic $70
Hard Gel/Acrylic Overlay $60
Hard Gel/Acrylic Fill $35 (add $10 Gel Polish)

Gel Polish Toes: $40
(does not include pedicure)

Pedicure: $40
After a soak toenails, cuticles will be groomed, calluses smoothed and exfoliated. Enjoy a foot/leg massage. Includes polish.

Mini-Pedicure: $20
Includes a soak, exfoliation to smooth callus's and light massage. Does NOT include nail or cuticle care. *add-on service only


Please be courteous ~ regular service fee will be charged for any missed appointments w/out a 24hr. notice.

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