Nail Creations by Amanda

What type of nail enhancement is best suited for my lifestyle?
Hard Gel, Acrylic or Natural?

There are several things your manicurist should ask before doing your nails. What sort of work do you do? For most clients new to nail enhancements it's always best to ask lots of questions. NATURAL nails can be cultivated into beautiful strong nails with a little TLC from you at home and bi-weekly manicures.

Hard Gel 

For someone who grows there own nails quite well & has a good natural structure Hard GEL work great. Hard Gels tend to need to be filled at about 3 weeks. A authentic Hard Gel nail is one that consists of a brushed on layer of gel directly to the nail bed. My clients express to me that it feels more like their natural nail only stronger.

ACRYLIC nails are the strongest nail enhancement. They need maintenance at about 2-3 weeks depending on the lifestyle of the client. These nails can be soaked off & removed. Acrylics can be shaped to give the nail a curvy, pointed, square, or sq-oval appearance. Which is great for correcting crooked/broken nails. They also come in many colors~ the popular French Manicure look is built into the acrylic & needs no polish. There are also the custom mixed acrylic powders like GLITTERs & pastels or you may add a coat of Gel Polish.


Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2018

Curious about the seasons color trends? Look for shades of white,nude and rose gold. Neon is also making a comeback.

*Quick Nail Facts*

There is NO such thing as powder gel manicure. The product is actually acrylic. Applied thin enough it has the ability to be soaked off quickly. This type of nail is call a Dip or Pour system.

 What is a "Gel Polish Manicure?"
This is a dry manicure service which means no soaking in oil or water of any kind. Soaking a nail expands the nail plate making it swell so when the plate is back to its normal state the polish product pulls away from the nail.

During a NO CHIP service cuticles and nails are groomed into your desired shape. This service is not an enhancement! Once you choose from a collection of colors a base, color and topcoat are applied. Between each coat your nails are dried in either an LED or UV light. Be aware that some products require no filing on the top of the nail while other suggest a an extra fine buffing. NO ELECTRIC file is to be used in this service.

Removal is easy. Most products last from 2-3 weeks. For removal your nails will be individually wrapped with solution for 10-15minutes. The product rises off the nail plate and is removed with a cuticle pusher.

If you don't have luck with one brand try another. There are many to choose from.

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